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About Us


Pioneering Excellence in Hand-Rolled Agarbatties and Exquisite Fragrances Since 1964

Incense sticks, or agarbattis, hold a profound place in India's cultural and religious heritage. Dating back centuries, the tradition of crafting incense is deeply intertwined with spiritual practices, meditation, and rituals. Various regions across India have developed their unique styles and scents, each carrying a distinct cultural significance. From the spiritually enriching Nagchampa to the calming sandalwood and the earthy vetiver, the diversity of incense sticks mirrors the country's rich tapestry of traditions. The meticulous craftsmanship involved in hand-rolling incense sticks is a skill passed down from artisans who take pride in preserving this heritage. As India continues to embrace modernity, the heritage of incense sticks remains an aromatic link to the past, fostering a sense of spirituality, tranquility, and cultural continuity.

Our story began in 1964 when Shri K N Satyam Setty and his wife, Kamala Setty, started making agarbatties (incense) at their small home in Bhatwadi, Ghatkopar, Mumbai. It was a humble start, almost a one-person venture. “Satya Sai Baba Nagchampa‘ was the brain child of Shri K N Satyam Setty, created in 1964 which has since then revolutionized the agarbatti (Incense) industry. Satya Sai Baba Nagchampa is a symbol of traditionally hand-rolled masala agarbatti (Incense) made with the finest organic ingredients. It is an exotic blend of florals and spices from India. A lovely oriental aroma that evokes warmth and nostalgic familiarity, this fragrance embodies all the richness of tradition infused into an agarbatti (incense).

The product name has become so famous over a period of time that it has become a generalized fragrance & now nearly all the other manufacturers carry Nagchampa in their product portfolio. Today approximately every other manufacturer has shifted base to machine-pressed agarbatti (Incense) due to shortage/non-availability of hand rollers but M/s Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (MUM) LLP has believed in itself & retained women hand rollers for the last 3 generations who have been with the company & are spearheading in hand rolling of agarbatties (Incense) without compromise in its manufacturing/ hand-rolling facilities at Mumbai &  Bangalore employing nearly 1000 workforce with a manufacturing capacity of approximately 2’000’000 sticks per day.

Our Masala agarbatti products are under IFRA and Reach Compliance. The company’s state of art research lab keeps developing new products whereby the die-hard fans continuously get treated with an array of outstanding & innovative fragrances. The Company has seen exponential growth over the years whereby venturing to develop a wider & more customized range of agarbatties (Incense), Dhoop Cones, and Dhoop sticks.


Late Shri K.N. Satyam Setty (The Past)

Popularly recognized as “The King Of Masala Agarbatties“, Shri K N Satyam Setty created magic with incense even though he had lost his olfactory sense at a very tender age. This obstacle never stopped or deterred him from achieving his dream. After, continuous efforts the world famous product “Satya Sai Baba Nagchampa” was invented in 1964, on the day his son Nagaraj was born. His belief that as good fortune he named his product after his son. (“Nag” raj = “Nag “champa ), thus the birth of his son gave birth to a world- renowned fragrance. Among those other famous creations such as Satya Superhit, Ajaro, Natural etc. by Shri K N Satyam Setty is in great demand around the world.

Late Shri K.N. Satyam Setty


Mr. K. S. Nagraj Setty

Designated Partner

K. S. Nagraj Setty
(The Present)

The present business tycoon is the eldest son of Shri K N Satyam Setty. He is the force behind the success & expansion of Srinivas Sugandhalaya’s never ending empire since his inception in 1985. The brand “SATYA” is one of the creations of this vibrant personality, which is now known & recognized worldwide. Mr. K. S. Nagraj Setty’s futuristic vision coupled with dedicated hard work, accurate foresight & perseverance enabled to position “SATYA” group in an inalienable altitude with its roots been broadly spread in Indian & International markets.

Designated Partner

K. N. Sagar Setty
(The Future)

Mr. Sagar Setty, The grandson of late Shri. K. N. Satyam Setty & son of Shri K. S. Nagraj Setty after finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Business & Management from Oxford Brooks University, UK joined the business in April 2019 as the designated partner for he believed in continuing the legacy of family business.

Mr. K. N. Sagar Setty

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Product Portfolio

Agarbatti has been used throughout the world for a variety of reasons. Burning Agarbatti refreshes one’s heart and mind. The sweet and soothing fragrance of Agarbatti purifies the surroundings and creates a holy atmosphere for meditation and prayer.

It is very interesting to note that in spite of India’s numerous technological developments, even today Agarbattis are made in the traditional way i.e. the hand-rolled Agarbatti which is exported to many countries in huge quantities. There are two processes of making Agarbatti. (1) dip method (2) masala method -The former involves a procedure of making a dough or atta which is rolled into sticks, dried, and then dipped into fragrance oil. On the contrary, the masala method comprises of preparation of the dough according to the ancient method. The dough is a culmination of a special adhesive and fine powdered natural aromatic ingredients like herbs, spices, flowers, etc. The dough is hand-rolled on bamboo sticks. Persons who are entrusted with the job of rolling the paste on the stick sit cross-legged and have a low table in front of them. In order to obtain the desired smooth and even stick, the agarbatti is rolled on the table an extra two or three times. Then the Agarbatti is sent for quality checking and finally for packing purposes. After undergoing all these processes, the end result is the final and finished product namely the Agarbatti.

Satya incense carry the essence of naturally harvested ingredients, pleasant fragrance which leads to a lovely atmosphere irrespective of whether it is home, office or worship spot. It is believed that the aroma of Satya Sai Baba Nagchampa has a healing power that has a soothing effect on the mind and helps in better concentration in meditation process thereby creating an atmosphere of sacrificing oneself for society.

The present scenario is that due to lack of labor many manufacturers are switching from hand rolled to a machine-made Agarbatti. However, at Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (MUM) LLP, the ancient tradition of hand-rolled Agarbatti still continues because of the expertise of their skilled workers in this field. Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (MUM) LLP has a workforce of 1000 people fully dedicated to the manufacturing of superior quality Agarbatti by using first-quality raw materials for Masala Incense production.

In a nutshell, although the hand rolled Agarbatti is an ancient method and is a laborious and time consuming task the significance of hand-rolled Agarbatti is increasing day by day. The reason being one actually gets the true aroma from the Agarbatti which is irresistible. We as an ISO 9001:2015 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified company, always keep the faith of our customers, giving the highest value to the QUALITY of our products and desirous to develop and promote our products under the brand name.

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