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When and Where Can You Use Incense Sticks?


Incense sticks develop a positive aura and create a pleasant atmosphere in the surrounding. However, did you ever think there is a particular time for burning incense? The right answer is yes! We all agree that it would always be nice to have the sweet aroma lingering in the room for the day from a couple of incense sticks. While one can burn incense any time of the day, there are particular times when burning incense sticks can be most beneficial, as follows:

  1. Burn incense sticks to create a positive aura during prayers

Incense sticks find significance in all cultures, especially during spiritual ceremonies. They assist in creating a positive aura and enhance the power of prayers. They are also known to cleanse the atmosphere during rituals and ceremonies, ultimately leading to a spiritual experience.

Our take: Burn a few sandalwood incense sticks or masala agarbattis from Satya Incense to create a positive atmosphere while praying.

2. Mediation becomes more effective with incense

While some love to chant prayers, others love to begin their day with some meditation time. Burning a few incense sticks can be useful in keeping your mind focused and creating a link between your soul and body.

Our take: Burn lavender or rose agarbatti from Satya Incense and get better concentration and unite all senses. Have trouble focussing at work? Light a few mild fragrance agarbattis and place them on your office desk. 

3. Spa therapy finds a significant use of incense for mental healing and relaxation!

Incense can provide a relaxing therapy session after a stressful day of work goals and never-ending emails. So, burn a couple of incense sticks during your massage session and get a better outcome from your spa session. Incense helps to create an energizing experience and offers a calm effect to the body and soul. 

Our take: Lavender, Frankincense, rose, and chamomile-infused incense sticks and essential oils from Satya Incense are perfect for al ultimate spa session. 

4. Incense also comes with healing properties: Mental and Physical

Another benefit of using incense sticks involves their healing properties. Incense improves the body’s ability to detoxify and heal by supporting mind cleansing. The calming incense stick aroma for internal healing is a top incense stick benefit.

Our take: Burn a few nag champa incense sticks from Satya Incense to get the ultimate nag champa agarbatti incense benefits

Where to burn agarbattis?

Burning an incense stick in the right place is also of utmost importance for the following reasons:

  •  Always use an incense burner or holder and ensure that this is placed far away from pets and kids.
  • Ensure that the sticks are never unattended but placed in an area where they are visible. This way, you can keep an eye on them to prevent any danger that could occur unnecessarily. 
  • Ensure that the room you burn your sticks in is well-ventilated as this can otherwise fill a lot of smoke in your room. 

Directions for burning incense

  • Use a matchstick to light the coated end. Make sure to hold fire to this end for a while for it to burn well. 
  • You can now gently blow out the fire and let the incense stick burn. 

Burning the Right Number of Sticks

  • If you have a small house, ensure that you do not burn too many sticks, as this can provide a fragrance that is too strong to bear. 
  • A single stick on a holder can do a subtle trick. 

Buying Incense Sticks from the Right Source

Burning incense sticks at the right place and time makes a lot of difference. It is also essential to burn agarbattis in the right way and right quantity. However, buying incense sticks from a reputed incense stick manufacturing company like Satya Incense is also prominent.

House of Nagchampa offers high-quality handmade incense sticks and other incense products like dhoop sticks, dhoop cones, essential oils, loban dhoop cups, and more. All their incense products contain natural and organic ingredients. The company is a notable incense stick manufacturer offering hand-rolled traditional incense sticks.

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